Five unexpected tips to easily manage any kind of dissertations

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As a dissertation is probably the most difficult and exhausting assignment you have ever encountered, it is very important to find your own way to approach it. Here are a few useful tips you can use to invent your own, unique method of writing a dissertation.


  1. Find a comfortable place to write. Does not matter what it is – your desk or a tree with a curve that perfectly matches your spine– use it. Even if lying on the bed with your legs above your ears makes you comfortable and resourceful, it’s quite reasonableto write in this very position. In this case the goal justifies the means, that is.
  2. Try to find out what time of the day you are the most productive and adjust your schedule accordingly. One English essay writer could work only at night and achieved amazing results by doing so. Yes, it might play havoc with your social life, but hey – you know what you signed for with all this dissertation thing, right?
  3. Find a perfect trigger to enter your resourceful state. It is worth to spend time trying to define it. Once you have found out the procedure – you will have no more problems with writer’s block and stupor. Don’t be surprised, it can be anything – drinking plenty of coffee, doing sit-ups or chewing a gum –just keep looking if you haven’t found it out in the course of your studies (it would have been much easier if you had!)
  4. Plan your work and start early. Even if you are able to master tons of literature overnight, it won’t help if you start a week before submission date. Try to reasonably divide the process in stages and assign approximate dates to them. Hanging it above your bed is a bit too much, but who knows… Maybe it will also serve as s perfect stimulus to work! Otherwise, you might procrastinate until it’s too late and then desperately look for custom dissertation writing help.

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Matthew C Martino to make education return

Film Producer/Actor Matthew C Martino is set to make a return to education according to a close pal of his.

Matthew C Martino

Above: Off to school he goes, best foot forward Sir.



The 21year old who had us going with his ‘Jack of all trades’ regime is set to make to take it back to the classroom and get some more knowledge in his already knowledgeable head. Martino’s current CV which boasts of GCSE’s, Business/Marketing/Criminology/Health & Social Care Diplomas and Aviation certificates is set to get an addition.


Memoirs released in 2013 had suggested that the AllStarCelebrity attended University of Essex and London Southbank University but it was later published that Martino hadn’t acquired any qualifications from either institutions.
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Developing a Sense of Danger and Safety Awareness in the School Playground

When children go to school they are learning far more than just their ABC’s and 123’s, in fact most of what they learn cannot be quantified on a piece of paper or be ticked off as a learning objective at all. Lessons learned in the play ground are all about social skills and physical challenge and can be harsh and fulfilling at the same time.

playground equipment

Sensing Danger

Wrapping children up in cotton wool will not teach them how to deal with dangerous situations; in fact it would have the opposite effect because children would not know enough about the restrictions of their bodies and the signs of danger to be able to anticipate the danger ahead. School playgrounds have been designed to enable children to challenge their own physical skills in a very safe environment. Children can practise developing their sense of balance by moving across varying heights of playground equipment with the knowledge that if they fall the surface they will land on will prevent them from having long lasting damage – also there is always an adult on hand to guide and give assistance when necessary.
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The Impact of Playground Equipment on Children’s Imagination.

The most wonderful skill a young child possesses is the ability to transport themselves to other worlds and meet a variety of characters due to their vivid imagination. Imaginative play enables children to practice real life skills such as; dressing themselves, language skills, fine motor skills, caring and empathy. Children can be engrossed for a considerable length of time acting out scenarios they have encountered in everyday life or in stories they have read or watched. Imaginative play can occur either in groups where children interact and talk to each other or one child playing on their own talking to a wide range of imaginary friends. This type of play is very portable and can occur either inside or on playground equipment at the local park.

Playground Equipment1

Imaginative Play

There are many benefits of children participating in imaginative play when out and about, even a walk through woods provides the setting for monsters and witches and magical skills. Sometimes it is not always possible to visit the country so the nearest playground is often a very good compromise as they provide an opportunity for physical development and social development in a very safe environment. All playground equipment is made to a very high safety standard so children are able to participate in independent play without the fear of hurting themselves. Parents can feel confident that their child will be able to play at being super heroes with their new found friends without the need to watch their every move.
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How Important Is Having an Employee Recognition System?

Employees no longer work only for a paycheck at the end of each month. They need to be motivated, recognised and offered proper incentives so they can continue to give their best for their companies. However, too many times companies neglect the importance of having an employee recognition system and they end up losing important employees to their competition.

First of all, the human resources department must handle the employees’ input on the subject. Assuming from the start that the top managers know exactly how to motivate employees and how to keep their morale high in order to deliver the best results for the company can be a big mistake. Surveys and other similar tools must be used to discover what employees consider great incentives and morale boosters.

Another important rule when creating an employee recognition system is to offer rewards that employees consider worth working for. While decades ago, rewards were quite low and scarce, nowadays, workers expect companies to offer important rewards to express recognition of talents, skills, and efforts. Whenever someone in your human resources department comes up with an idea for a reward, think if you would feel motivated to work for that certain reward. Your answer may be quite a light bringer on the subject.

Define clear roles when you create a program to offer employees rewards and incentives to recognise their efforts for making the company better. For instance, it is important to put someone in charge who works in close relation with you. This way, employees will know who to talk to and will also have a clear idea that you are interested in offering them the recognition they are entitled for their hard work.

Employee recognition is based on honest business practices. The best employees and teams must be rewarded according to their efforts and engagement.